Leadership – ScenarioQ

ScenarioQ is a scenarios-based quiz system that creates the opportunity for engaging discussions and learning about specific scenarios where there are no right or wrong ways to respond. The scenarios are developed to be company or industry specific and we support the development of scenarios and scoring. Alternatively, licence our 8-question Human & Organisational Performance (HOP) Safety Leadership quiz or upload your own! An engaging way to learn!

ScenarioQ is provided by our games partner Caspian Psychology.

Contact the team for a demonstration

Teams are provided with a scenario and then subsequently presented with a number of possible responses to each scenario. Each team has to decide which response they believe would be the most effective response to each scenario (the responses have been pre-rated by a group of experts). The quiz has an interactive scoreboard and after each question the facilitator discusses the answers with the group. The quiz challenges and provokes thought on existing ways of doing things.

A specific set of scenarios can be developed for you (contact us for details) or use our Human & Organisational Performance (HOP) Leadership quiz. The HOP Leadership quiz covers areas such as;

  • generating psychological safety
  • avoiding bias
  • designing for error
  • building trust and engagement
  • understanding workforce experience
  • reacting with fairness and understanding context in investigations.