At IHF we have a wealth of experience working with COMAH sites, in particular helping COMAH sites demonstrate compliance with the new regulations. We have helped organisations responsible for critical infrastructure through to boutique distilleries to ensure their COMAH capability and compliance exceeds the COMAH Regulations guidelines
We have had numerous successes in lifting legal actions imposed on COMAH establishments. In fact, we have never in our company history failed to adequately address regulatory expectations either in advance of an inspection or when being brought in to address actions raised post inspection.
Complementing Human Factors consultancy services, IHF have experience designing and delivering highly experiential and interactive training for organisations of all sizes within complex and or safety critical organisations such as COMAH establishments. Ranging from Safe Systems of Work, to Human Factors Awareness courses, to tailored behavioural safety and soft skills training.  


Some examples of our success include:
Interconnector: Interconnector controls the UK – Belgium Methane-transfer pipeline. IHF have been engaged to conduct HAZID studies, safety-critical task analysis and provide general human factors advice.
United Molasses Storage (UMS): At the recommendation of the HSE, UMS approached IHF with an urgent need to review and re-design their Management of Change procedures and documentation for their Hull and Liverpool Bulk Liquid Storage facilities. This procedure is now in place across all UMS sites in the UK.
Tennants Distribution: IHF reviewed and updated two Safety Critical Procedures from an HEA and HRA perspective for Tennants Distribution. This was conducted using our systematic method that includes the COMAH delivery guide and SRAM, IHF experience/expertise and very recent guidance provided to us by the regulator.


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