Trust & Communication – Driving Culture

Trust & Communication – Driving Culture

Driving Culture is a 2-hour game that involves teams working together to build the best car in order to win the DC cup. The game demonstrates many important behaviours such as communication, understanding the opinions of those doing the work and building trust. Who will work as a team and win on race day?

Driving Culture is provided by our games partner Caspian Psychology.

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Teams are split into groups and set to work on developing the best car for the DC race that will happen at the end of the game. During the game the teams will be faced with a number of key decisions and difficult situations. To give themselves the best chance of winning the final race the teams will have to communicate well, make good decisions and solve problems effectively. The team managers will need to create the opportunities for discussion and encourage open dialogue.

The Driving Culture game allows facilitators to observe behaviours and provide feedback to the group at the end. Along with the slide-pack and exercises the game opens the way to a constructive dialogue about psychological safety and communication.