Hazards & Barrier Management – Fill It Up

Hazards & Barrier Management – Fill It Up is a 2-hour team game that introduces delegates to bow-tie methodology and the importance of maintaining barriers. Teams will be challenged to manage a digital process safely by maintaining and improving barriers. Who will make the best decisions, maintain safety and complete the process in the quickest time?

Fill It Up is provided by our games partner Caspian Psychology.

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The Fill It Up game introduces delegates to the basics of barrier management, using the bow-tie methodology. The emphasis of the game is on identifying what makes a good barrier and how barriers can be strengthened and weakened by an organisations approach to human factors.

This game can be played with between 6 to 12 people split into two to four teams. Each team will compete to complete a digital game, which involves processing 8 cylinders of phosgene gas, in the quickest time. The team will analyse the task using bowtie analysis. In particular, they will consider how the barriers that prevent a release of gas can be weakened (E.g. through a lack of maintenance or training) and the actions they can take to strengthen each barrier.

Each team will make decisions on the safeguards they will invest in and this will impact the timed game in different ways. The team will have to problem solve and interpret the feedback they get during the task.