Regular Podcasts from IHF and IHFcyber hosted by David Clarke senior Human Factors Consultant at IHF Limited. Up-to-the-minute lively debates, interesting guests and a sharp searching approach to Human Factors and Cyber Security.

The Human Factor of Cybersecurity for now – Episode 1

Cyber attacks are becoming more common, and an increasingly high number of people become cyber victims every day. To address that and help organisations secure themselves with confidence, Human Factors Ltd sheds light on the most common reason for cybercrime, human error.

David Clarke, the Senior Human Factors Consultant at IHF Limited, interviews two industry experts to talk about their experience and knowledge on the topic. In this inaugural Human Factors and Cyber Security podcast. The first two guests are Neil Clark, CEO & Chartered Economist at IHF Ltd for over ten years and Ben Pyburn, Human Factors Engineer at Rolls Royce.

The main scope of this podcast is to enlighten people regarding the correlation between Human Factors and a more technical topic, cybersecurity.

The main goal is to take advantage of human error. Unfortunately, experience has proven that having technologically advanced defence lines alone is not always the best way to defend your organisation’s or personal data.

Neil Clark reveals in the podcast what the best defence against cybercrime is, and Ben Pyburn shares his personal experience as a cybercrime victim and the lessons learned to move forward.

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Human Factors has arrived in the banking and finance sector … – Episode 2

As the migration back to the office begins, banks and financial institutions are wondering how to reintegrate their huge workforces and relight the passion within them.

Offering insights into how Human factors can impact financial services from our guest Nick Muir who has considerable expertise withing the financial sector.

David Clark and Human Factors subject matter expert Neil Clark guide us through, how can we use Human Factors outside safety critical industries to offer the same principles to improve the business systems and risk profiles within the financial workplace.
The main scope of this podcast is how to drive loyalty in the financial sector in this changing world of the digital shelf. Products now are more online and less face to face in a bank or financial institution.

Humanise before you digitise - David and guests discus customer connection and the customer journey together with managing Human performance.

David and guests will also discuss managing risk with Human Factors integrated in that risk management process, and how that reflect on profits.

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