IHF Managed Service

Fulfilling your Human Factors (HF) obligations and objectives is time-consuming, costly and often problematic.
This is especially so when trying to attract and retain in-house suitably qualified and experienced Human Factors professionals for either ongoing requirements or projects, regardless of length or scale.

Are you looking for a Human Factors Resource?

Finding the right combination of technical skills and personality can often see you devoting your energies searching for individuals that:

  • May not be available or may not exist
  • Leave before the completion of the project
  • Come from that recycled pool of "talent" that always seems to crop up during recruitment campaigns
  • Have no track record with your company
  • Are constantly starting afresh with unproven and unknown expertise

  • Here at IHF we know how difficult it can be to find such an individual. In fact, we think it is such a challenge that we would like to suggest an alternative.

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IHF About

IHF is a multi-award winning HF Consultancy and Training organisation.

Chartered by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF) we have great strength and depth throughout our organisation. We have experience in Oil and Gas, Rail, Aviation, Maritime and Healthcare.

IHF Managed Service provides organisations such as yours with an HF capability suitable for your needs when and where you need it. The benefits of this approach are:


Access to a variety of competent and experienced HF professionals globally working under the UK Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) standards

You draw upon the capability as and when you need it - there is no requirement to recruit an individual for 6 months if you only have 3 months of work

24/7 access to IHF’s secure, cloud-based suite of Human Factors applications that remove the all too familiar issues of tracking and managing HF activities

Support of the greater IHF organisation - internal technical review and assurance

Avoiding the true cost of hiring a permanent employee, not to mention the hefty recruitment consultancy fees paid to find “top talent”…

We are confident can provide you with a better solution, in a time frame that suits you, and in a more cost-effective manner whilst simultaneously delivering higher quality work.