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HF-AIR™ is a complete online incident investigation system. The integrated analysis tools allows you to investigate technical failures and human errors then save your reports all in one place.

The tool is designed to simplify what is often a complex process. This allows you to carry out incident investigations whether or not you're an expert in doing so. There are diagrams and info boxes throughout the tool to assist you as you go, and IHF can support you with training and consultancy.

Key Benefits:

Key Benefits of the Tool
  • Your in-house team will learn how to carry out an incident investigation effectively
  • Your incident investigation will be more efficient, saving time and potentially money
  • You will be less reliant on external consultants to lead the investigation
  • You can produce detailed reports to share within your company

The Timeline

The interactive timeline is the hub of an HF-AIR™ investigation. The investigator enters the Critical Moments (CM) into the system which will allow the investigation team to see at a glance when events have occurred.

Users can zoom in and out on the timeline, view CM descriptions and associated photographs. This is also where they select a CM to analyse. The CM’s can either be 5M Causes (Machinery; Methods; Materials; Mother-nature; Measurement) or Behaviours.

Cognitive Origins Analysis

With HF-AIR you can analyse employees' behaviours using Cognitive Origins Analysis (COA) without prior expertise in this area.

The investigator will use our model of situational awareness (SUPPA) to understand at which of the 5 cognitive steps (Scan; Understand; Predict; Plan; Act) the behaviour first failed. They will then look to identify the high-level causes of the failure (e.g. Vigilance) and then all the related Cognitive Origins that sit under those high-level causes (e.g. Under stimulated).

Incident Analysis

Analysing incident data has never been easier. After selecting search criteria HF-AIR™ produces a range of graphs that display the themes that have occurred over that chosen period. This allows users to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed.

All graphs and data can be exported at the click of a button. The graphs illustrate the breakdown of Cognitive failure types, Critical Moment types, 5M Cause types, Cognitive Origins (top 10) and the Contextual Factors (standard plus those rated as having a strong impact).

Investigation Management

HF-AIR™ has many useful features for managing investigations including:

  1. Restricting access and permissions on investigations to named investigators
  2. Collection of background information such as project summaries and evidence
  3. Amending terminology so it is company specific
  4. Moving old investigations to archiving


Reporting is easy with HF-AIR™ . All the data that has been captured during an investigation is exported into an MS Word report template at the click of a button. The report template themes the data and includes supporting evidence such as photographs in the appendix. The report can also be tailored by the organisation to fit their reporting structure and styling. Once downloaded the user can edit the report and upload the final report to the system.

Training & Support

One of the potential pitfalls of any system is when the users of the system are not adequately competent. We assure competency with our system in 3 ways.

  1. Guidance/Definitions - Throughout the tool there are clear definitions of all concepts and terms as well as comprehensive recommendation guidance.
  2. Training - A 1-day interactive training course is compulsory for all users covering the core theory and functionality of HF-AIR™ . An additional day can be added to cover other key topics such as interviewing skills.
  3. Coaching - An additional 1/2 day coaching and review of a completed investigation is also required to become fully certified HF-AIR™ user.

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