Situational Awareness – Rogue Agent

Rogue Agent is an interactive team (up to 6 people) game where delegates are placed in a room and have to solve clues in order to stop an imminent cyber-attack.

The learning objectives of the game are to build awareness of the different stages of Situational Awareness and how poor Situational Awareness can occur through different factors such as the external environment, cognitive biases, lack of experience, ineffective decision making etc.

The game is portable and participants are timed so it is ideal for some inter-team competition.

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Situational awareness plays an important role in safety.

Hartel and colleagues (1991) found that poor situational awareness was the main causal factor in 175 aviation incidents and Endsley (1995b) found it was a major causal factor in 88% of air carrier incidents that involved human error.

The term situational awareness covers a number of stages such as:

  • Gathering information from the outside world
  • Understanding what the information means
  • Predicting how things will progress
  • Making an adequate plan and then taking effective action

The rogue agent games highlights what can go wrong at each of these stages and delegates will discuss the different ways to improve situational awareness (e.g. through better planning; gaining experience etc). The games is a fun and interactive way to learn.