Embrace the future with IHF SaaS

IHF SaaS is a suite of award-winning software tools that offer a
cost-effective and time-efficient solution to your organisation's human-risk management.

  • Develop a sustainable in-house HF function and reduce the reliance on external consultants

  • Store everything securely in the cloud, so you have one source of truth

  • Be confident you're following best practice, every time

What's included



Safety Critical Task Analysis

TASC is a powerful and simple tool to manage your Safety Critical Tasks Analysis (SCTA). It seamlessly integrates two important activities: your Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) and your Human Error Analysis (HEA) and provides reminders, checks, and recording of all aspects of the SCTA process in one centralised location.

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Incident Investigation

HF-AIR™ is a complete online incident investigation system. The integrated analysis tools allows you to investigate technical failures and human errors then save your reports all in one place.

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Learning Management system

Learning Management System

eLearning Courses

A comprehensive suite of training and qualifications in health, safety and environmental management. Educate your team in safe-working practices, fire-awareness, cybersecurity and more.


You will be allocated an account manager who will act as your main point of contact. Their responsibilities include:

  • Day-to-day communications to support your HF journey
  • Support should there be a technical issues
  • Capture of your customisation requests
  • Organising and recording outcomes from meetings

On-Demand Expertise

You will have a designated Human Factors expert who will provide onboarding support to ensure a smooth adoption of IHF SaaS. Your IHF expert will provide

  • A walkthrough of an an example SCTA using TASC
  • A walkthrough of an incident investigation using HF-AIR
  • Support using IHF SaaS in the first few months as-and-when you need it
  • An expert opinion on Human Factors matters during the adoption of IHF SaaS

You can also request additional support with:

  • Practical training by an IHF SaaS for additional users
  • Incident Support
  • Regulator engagement on human factors matters
  • Developing an in-house human factors capability
  • Coaching, which may include 1-to-1 practical training, competency assessments and regular check-ins.

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