Social Engineering

The Art of the seemingly impossible

Do you think Cyber criminals just use complicated software to hack into your system?


Human Hackers use an Attack Cycle to deceive and manipulate your employees into divulging information to be used to hack into your systems. This includes methods such as:
  • A panic phone call to I.T. department to reset a password.
  • Face 2 Face posing as a support I.T. worker to gain entry into the main server room.
  • An email pretending to be from Human Resources & then gathers personal information.
  • A phising email or text promising something in return eg confirm log in details and bank account details to ensure salary is paid on time.

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Often described as highly engaging and ‘fun’ our 1-day classroom or webinar learning sessions, includes a structured role-play exercise and a review of the learning points delivered in the course. In doing so we not only educate the attendees but also empower them as a vital part of your organisation’s defence against cyber-crime. IHF Cyber Security Human Factors Certification will be awarded on full attendance of the course.

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Social engineering is the science of exploiting human psychology, instead of traditional and often more technical computer hacking.
The end game for any social hacker is to exploit people to gain access to buildings, systems or data whilst avoiding security, always for illegal purposes.
A social engineer, for example, will approach an employee posing as an IT support person, suggesting their computer has contracted a virus that is dangerously exposing the company’s data, whilst requesting that person’s password.

Social Engineering

Integrated Human Factors (IHF) is a global expert in Human Factor cyber security and risk mitigation. In today’s threat landscape understanding the risks your organisation and customers are exposed to is more important than ever.

Social Engineers have simple but effective strategies to gain access to your important data through people interaction, if employees and contractors are not made aware of these strategies, social engineers will breech your security and gain access to sensitive company data.

Social engineering is at the top of the list of the 10 most popular hacking methods, a security industry survey has proved. More than 70% of almost 500 IT security experts polled by a European security technology firm said they considered insider threats more risky than traditional hacking.


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