A better way to do your Safety Critical Task Analysis

TASC helps you to identify areas in a task or procedure that are susceptible to human failure then take action to prevent an accident from happening - this is known as a Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA)

It allows you fulfil the regulatory requirements of many different high risk industries, including COMAH, Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Transport.

TASC also helps to up-skill your in-house team, allowing you to save money and increase job satisfaction. We recommend using it alongside some light-touch consultancy from IHF team members. Get in touch today to schedule a demo.

The TASC process

A full SCTA can be conducted using TASC. Below is a summary of the process that can be carried out using the software.

Key benefits

  1. Streamlined, logical and easy to use
  2. A methodology that is effective in all industries E.g. offshore, COMAH & nuclear
  3. The flexibility to tailor the tool to any classification of Human Failure and Performance Influencing Factors
  4. Keeps all SCTA information in one place
  5. Standardises the SCTA process across the organisation
  6. Cost savings by enabling the organisation rather than relying on 3rd parties


We always provide training and technical support with the SCTA tool. However, we recognise that clients often have different needs and expectations. Therefore, we offer the following optional support:

  1. Developing/reviewing SCTA procedures (including screening tools)
  2. Providing additional ‘expert’ input and reviews
  3. Customisation of the tool – E.g. Integrating ‘preferred’ human failure and PIF classifications into the tool
  4. Additional support from our range of Human Factors services

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