IHF Consultancy

IHF is passionate about providing organisations - of all sizes, across all sectors, in the UK and abroad - with pragmatic and integrated solutions to identify and address human factors issues in a holistic manner and to enhance human performance from individual to organisational levels mitigating the negative impacts of human factors issues by using a wide range of proven tools, techniques and training methods.

We aim to support organisations by identifying your Human Factors needs, creating pragmatic, effective, measurable long-term solutions and integration plans and by providing continuous support beyond implementation and delivery of human factors strategies and assessments.  

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IHF Training Services

Wherever possible we aim to use our award-winning experiential learning approach to training. We work closely with our clients to design training material, games and exercises that align with the objectives of your organisation and deliver impactful training accordingly.

Put simply we (Humans) learn more by doing than we do by listening. No one course is the same and we don’t do “Death by PowerPoint”. Delegate participation, interactive exercises and real industry examples underpin our training regardless of sector or job function. Our approach provides the foundation for the embedding of non-technical skills and safety related training across a wider Human Factors program or initiative.


Business Resilience

Knowing where to start can be daunting, realising you need to adapt can fill you full of fear & stress. Eliminate the fear & stress by using IHF Business Resilience Team & Methods- call it a Business Resilience Defib service if you like.


Global Capability

Are you looking for a Human Factors Resource? Controlling your projects and your most valuable resource - your people - is time-consuming, costly and often problematic. This is especially so when trying to attract and retain expertise for projects regardless of their length or scale.


Social Engineering

Social Engineers have simple but effective strategies to gain access to your important data through people interaction, if employees and contractors are not made aware of these strategies, social engineers will breech your security and gain access to sensitive company data.


Human Autonomous Teaming (HAT)

Moving forward from lockdown the future workforce will accelerate into a new working environment, building new efficient business opportunities. This will be achieved via interaction with intelligent technology [IT] to aid initiative communication and improved decision-making capabilities.


Global experts in Human Factor Cyber Security & Risk Mitigation

IHF Cyber is the FIRST cyber company to be chartered with the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors for Cyber Security. Need we say more? We can partner you with software relevant to you having completed FREE assessments AND support you in reviewing your cyber security policies including Human Factor Awareness within Cyber Security and Social Engineering.


Rapid eLearning Development and Deployment

eLearning need not be a long-winded, time consuming and expensive process. More than ever, you need a rapid solution that addresses your training needs and is deliverable to anyone you wish, anywhere, and anytime.


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