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IHF is passionate about providing organisations - of all sizes, across all sectors, in the UK and abroad - with pragmatic and integrated solutions to identify and address human factors issues in a holistic manner and to enhance human performance from individual to organisational levels mitigating the negative impacts of human factors issues by using a wide range of proven tools, techniques and training methods.

We aim to support organisations by identifying your Human Factors needs, creating pragmatic, effective, measurable long-term solutions and integration plans and by providing continuous support beyond implementation and delivery of human factors strategies and assessments.  

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IHF Training Services

Wherever possible we aim to use our award-winning experiential learning approach to training. We work closely with our clients to design training material, games and exercises that align with the objectives of your organisation and deliver impactful training accordingly.

Put simply we (Humans) learn more by doing than we do by listening. No one course is the same and we don’t do “Death by PowerPoint”. Delegate participation, interactive exercises and real industry examples underpin our training regardless of sector or job function. Our approach provides the foundation for the embedding of non-technical skills and safety related training across a wider Human Factors program or initiative.



Safety Critical Task Analysis

The fundamental purpose of a Safety Critical Task Analysis is to identify areas in a task or procedure that are susceptible to human failure. Completing SCTA is an effective way of focusing on the prevention of major accidents by strengthening the barriers and controls in place to mitigate risks as well as fulfilling regulator requirements. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, SCTA improves business performance and efficiency. Our SCTA tool and consultancy services can be applied to any task, process, procedure that involves human interaction within any industry and any size of organisation.



HF-AIR™ is an online incident investigation system that has Human Factors at its heart. The integrated analysis tool provide a rich understanding of technical failures and human behaviours which are then collated using an interactive timeline. An additional benefit is it provides support to effectively develop preventative solutions. All the information, analysis and outcome can be extracted in the form of a report. Data is also used collectively across multiple investigations to detect trends within an organisation.



IHF Pulse is IHF’s Behavioural Marker System. An industry leading differentiator setting a new standard on how to measure the effectiveness of your behavioural safety initiatives in a cost-effective, impactful and sustainable manner. IHF Pulse is able to measure the effectiveness and impact of training interventions, providing data-driven evidence that demonstrates return on investment. This facilitates accurate and targeted improvements in course content and implementation strategies.


Learning Management System

IHF’s proprietary LMS provides a cost-effective and centralised solution where you can monitor and manage past, present and future learning and development requirements. It can be used exclusively, or in conjunction with your own L&D systems.


Human Factors Awareness Course

IHF have developed a fun and engaging e-learning course that introduces the basics of Human Factors (HF) using the SHELL model. It is a great way to raise awareness on the subject of human factors and its benefits and a great start to integrating human factors in an organisation.


Human & Organisational (HOP) Performance Games

We deliver and sell a range of different types of games using a mixture of digital and non-digital methods. The games are an engaging way to develop competency in a range of Human & Organisational Performance topics. In conjunction with our games partner we can also support you in developing be-spoke games.


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