COVID-19 Employee awareness eLearning course


Coronavirus Awareness Course

Topics covered:

Our Covid-19 Awareness course will provide a general overview of everything we currently know about COVID-19, from who is more at risk, the lockdown measures in place in the UK, right through to what the ‘new normal’ is.  This new global pandemic, created by COVID-19, has impacted nearly everyone on the planet.  This course explains what COVID-19 is, methods to prevent infection and how staff could implement special measures when returning to work in order to reduce risks.

Whether you are working from home or are back at work this course will look at safe measures to apply to keep staff and customers as safe as practically possible. Please note that due to the continuing and rapid changes to the information surrounding coronavirus from the UK and the devolved governments’, the information within this course may be subject to change at short notice.

The following key topics are covered during this 20-minute short course;

  • Introduction to COVID – 19
  • Identifying and Assessing Risks
  • Covid-19 Information & Training
  • Preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • Understanding PPE

There are knowledge-based questions throughout the course but there is no exam associated with this course.