Multi Airline Peer Support (MAPS)

People performing similar jobs, will each have unique personal experiences and perspectives of the roles and tasks within their own working environment. Peer support provides the opportunity to share our perspectives with peers and to understand other’s perspectives in order to develop a greater understanding of how within our community, we as individuals deal with our jobs. Within peer support we can foster a safe environment of understanding and offer non-judgemental acceptance.

Peer Support

Peer support must work both ways, with participants both receiving and providing support, remembering that all our experiences are valuable and in the context of safe and open discussion we can help ourselves and our peers. Peer support structures provide pilots a place to share their issues with trusted peers in a non-threatening environment, safe in the knowledge that fellow pilots (peers) will understand and help rather than to immediately judge without the benefit of shared experiences and understanding.

Pilots and their relatives benefit from peer support with:

  • Performance related issues
  • Substance and alcohol abuse
  • Post incident trauma
  • Problems outside work

Peer support aims to:

  • Protect well-being and livelihood
  • Protect well-being
  • Post incident trauma
  • Provide a non-judgemental space to receive support
  • Suggest the proper support available

German Wings flight 9525 a tragic example

The tragedy of 144 passengers and six crew members killed when the German Wings flight 9525 crashed in the area of Prads-Haute-Bleone near the city of Nice. Based on the preliminary report filed by the French Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety, the plane had been deliberately crashed by the plane's co-pilot who, it was later discovered had conducted extensive online research into methods of committing suicide before deciding to crash Flight 9525.

As a result of this tragedy, Peer Support Systems are being given greater exposure throughout our ongoing understanding of mental health and possible mental health issues.

MAPS use the experience and skills of medical experts and pilots with first-hand experience of trauma and are involved in the training of aircrew in mental health issues.


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