Learning Management System

The learning management system has been developed by IHF to work across all industries, and to bring Human Factors principles to online learning.

The LMS correlates data into simple and useful overviews and client specific visual information and graphics.

The LMS automatically emails certification to users and managers as well as warning when users require more training.

Intuitive and easy to navigate

Identifying who needs what training, when completed, organising access for delegates can be a laborious & frustrating process ….. not any more!

Our LMS:

  • Is SCORM compliant.
  • Easily add Users in bulk or individually.
  • Certificates always available for download on User’s profile.
  • Classroom/live training session dates listed enabling Users to book a space themselves.
  • eLearning courses & links emailed to Users for completions.
  • At-a-glance training progress overview/snapshot which can be downloaded & exported.

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    Recording and tracking your employees learning and development milestones and requirements can be a laborious and costly process. This is particularly so when you use a variety of sources and media for learning – a third party provider, eLearning content, and offsite courses. Moreover, the cost of developing and implementing your own LMS may be prohibitive and simply not worth the time and cost. IHF’s proprietary LMS provides a cost-effective and centralised solution where you can monitor and manage past, present and future learning and development requirements. It can be used exclusively, or in conjunction with your own L&D systems.


    The LMS does the following:
    • reports on a page by page level tracking the learners every interaction.

    • The LMS reports in real time when an assigned administrator log in.

    • reports can also be sent as Excel documents.

    • can report on each individual question, and help to adjust questions to the correct level for each course.

    • can compare and contrast data to help build a balanced eLearning project.



    Includes e-learning and face-to-face training modules

    SCORM compliant

    SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant compliant. Therefore, any SCORM compliant modules can be added to the system

    Add users

    Add users individually or in bulk through CSV uploads


    Certificates are automatically sent on completion of courses or can be downloaded from user profile

    Users can sign themselves up

    Users can sign themselves up to the system and training dates. They are automatically given access to their assigned content through a unique code


    Tracks user sign-up, attendance and completion

    Data download

    All data can be downloaded and exported

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    One of our human factors associates will be on hand to learn about your business and see if we can help.