At Integrated Human Factors (IHF), we believe an organisation’s resilience stems directly from the attitudes and behaviours of its leaders. These key individuals act as “cultural architects” that subsequently shape the behaviours of those around them. Strong, resilient leaders are therefore crucial in mitigating risk, financial loss and enhancing an organisation’s resilience.


It takes a great leader to make a great leader. IHF is an award-winning HF consultancy, staffed by ex-military pilots. We help organisations develop their leaders by using a range of proven tools, techniques and training methods. IHF has worked with organisations across many sectors including Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Finance. Using a holistic approach, we work with clients and key leaders to show them how they can shape the culture of their organisation.

We help leaders understand what resilience is, identify it within their roles, and nurture it in those around them. By learning to understand the impact of thinking styles on their own and others’ performance, they will identify their own resilient behaviours, and better understand their influence on others. IHF also provides individual or small team coaching to encourage “leadership at all levels”, which can enhance engagement and improve teamwork.


Having stronger leaders at all levels of an organisation increases its resilience in challenging times. IHF can make a difference by developing leaders and in doing so, support the most valuable, yet most vulnerable, aspect of any organisation - its people.

The benefits of leadership development include:


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