The IHF Portal

The IHF Portal is a tool that allows you to manage all your Human Factors (HF) activities, documentation and related information.

It is a central hub for all your HF and related content and provides a single source of information for you, your colleagues and any external parties regarding your HF function and capability.

Its key benefit is that it demonstrates to the regulator that you have a plan and a demonstrable chain of evidence to back up that plan.

It does this by acting as a timeline, or “Human Factors Roadmap”, which displays all past and future IHF activity relating to that client.

It acts as a document repository with timestamps and details on what has been done, thus providing a paper trail of activity.

Furthermore, it can help you can identify and analyse any gaps in your HF activity proactively, and enables you to plan future HF activity for your own benefit and also in preparation for regulatory activity.



Keeps a record of all HF related work taken in one place

Auditable record

Provides an auditable record of evidence, with timestamps

Enables action tracking

Enables action tracking and documentation storage for each HF event

Overview of HF activity

Provides a quick overview of HF activity, allowing for future planning
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