Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation and Aerospace is IHF’s heritage. Founded by ex-RAF pilots, we sincerely believe that our military pedigree, “field” experience and understanding of the Human Factor (HF) allows us to deliver HF consultancy and training to the highest standards.
We possess a wealth of experience in both sectors, with a significant track record of Human System Integration in the Aerospace and Defence sector. Our CEO and Directors have been involved in numerous complex projects globally that focus heavily on HSI, and therefore subsequently understand the challenges currently faced by organisations grappling with the increased automation and new technologies.


Examples include:
  • Royal Australian Air Force: (RAAF): Airbus A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) – Air-to-Air Refuelling Platform
  • Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme
  • Sea King GPMG Fitting
  • Westland Lynx Helicopter - Dyneema Ballistic Protection Program
IHF is a preferred supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)


IHF has significant experience designing, developing and delivering industry leading Aviation and Aerospace training. In particular, our experience as pilots (RAF) and airline cabin crew (British Airways) has shaped our understanding of human behaviour and safety culture. This authenticity has successfully translated into CRM and Part 145 training and interventions that promote business efficiency and support safety leadership at all levels.

Other Aviation and Aerospace related training within which we specialise includes:

  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • e-Learning
  • Procedural Compliance
  • Situational Awareness

Document Design & Use

IHF is highly skilled at Gap Analysis, development and production, and re-design and reformatting of documents in isolation or as part of a wider HF intervention.


IHF are industry experts on Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) – audit, re-design, implementation and review.

Workload & Staffing Levels

Task Analysis and Time Line Analysis, and measuring the impact of Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs) are some of the techniques IHF have used to improve safety and business performance as a result of improving inefficient workload and staffing levels.


IHF can conduct evaluation of communication, decision-making, awareness, workload and Team Performance Analysis within the framework of the SHELL model.


Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA), Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA), Task Analysis (TA), Human Risk Analysis (HRA)

Competence Management

CoW Training, NOTECHS Assessment & Measurement

Qualitative Hazard Analysis


Quantitative Risk Analysis

HEART, CREAM, ATHEANA, THERP, Goal Structured Notation

Management of Change (MoC)

Gap Analysis, Document review & Design/Re-Design


Task Analysis, Cognitive Task Analysis, Safety Critical Task Analysis, Organisational Walkthroughs

Incident/Accident Investigation

Critical Incident Technique, Root Cause Analysis, Fault/Event Tree Analysis

Project Planning, Design & Execution

HFIP, ISSoW replacement programs

IHF has unique experience designing and developing systems with the needs of human beings in mind. The integration of human needs and system design is typically formalised through a Human-Systems Integration (HSI) programme. With such a plan in place, an institution or organisation can reduce lifecycle costs and increase efficiency, safety and usability. An HSI also pays particular attention to any gaps in human soft skills, such as communication, decision-making and awareness, because these gaps can impair overall system performance. A well-crafted HSI seeks to mitigate such gaps in a systematic and pragmatic manner.


If you have any questions about what we can do for your business or if you're interested in one of our courses, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Courses and Training

We at IHF can help your business in many different ways. We have extensive knowledge in many different parts of the transport industry, here are a few of our most popular courses and training alternatives

Introduction to Human Factors

Introductory course for Human Factors and how they can impact your work.
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Situational Awareness

We guide you through a number of SA hazard risks and how to recognise them.
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CRM Initial

Crew Resource Management initial qualification, aimed at all the mandatory aspects required of CAP 737 and Standards Doc 29 Version 5.
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CRM Refresher

Crew Resource Management refresher qualification, aimed at all the mandatory aspects required of CAP 737 and Standards Doc 29 Version 5.
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Human Dynamics Training

Reduce human error, increase reliability and harness the collective power of a team with with our Human Dynamics Training.
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Risk Assessment Team Leader

The RATL course is aimed at experienced risk assessors, to enable participants to preside over better semi-quantitative risk assessments.
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