We are proud of our military aviation background. The vast experience gained from operating equipment in demanding environments has enabled us to truly understand the value in:

  • delivering clear and concise procedures
  • refining existing documentation
  • constructing bespoke high level process maps

We are delighted to share this experience and expertise across a wide and diverse array of sectors including Healthcare, Transport, Oil & Gas and Finance. Our unique consultancy services are tailored to the needs of any organisation, to maximise productivity and promote compliance.

How We Work

Our team are able to assess and advise on which aspects of your company's documentation and management system would benefit from human factors integration.

Your human factors consultant(s) will construct an innovative high level overview of your operations, allowing for salient points of risk to be identified and corrected at the earliest stage of the process life cycles.

The ability to break down complex and demanding procedures into reliable, intuitive and accessible tasking is a necessary step to successfully increase compliance and minimise risk, factors of paramount importance to any organisation.

User-Centric Processes

Developing processes with users is entirely different from developing processes for users. IHF improve business resilience, efficiency and safety performance, through the application of proven human factors techniques.

Our holistic approach encompasses the use of research backed human factors techniques such as task analysis, user analysis, human-software integration, workflow and process mapping. This allows us to develop truly user-centric products.

We are confident that we can enhance your business productivity, minimise risk, and streamline operations.