The business case for SCTA

The SCTA process

The figure below illustrates the SCTA process that IHF follows and advocates. Underlying this approach is our belief in keeping the process as straight-forward and impactful as possible. The purpose of the IHF SCTA tool is to provide our clients with everything they need to complete and manage the SCTA process whilst minimising the need for additional ‘expert’ support.

The IHF SCTA tool

The IHF SCTA tool seamlessly integrates the core SCTA activities of Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) and Human Error Analysis (HEA) and provides reminders, checks and recording of all aspects of the SCTA process in one centralised location.

Key Benefits of our tool

  1. Streamlined, logical and easy to use
  2. A methodology that is effective in all industries E.g. offshore, COMAH & nuclear
  3. The flexibility to tailor the tool to any classification of Human Failure and Performance Influencing Factors
  4. Keeps all SCTA information in one place
  5. Standardises the SCTA process across the organisation
  6. Cost savings by enabling the organisation rather than relying on 3rd parties

A flexible support-package

We always provide training and technical support with the SCTA tool. However, we recognise that clients often have different needs and expectations. Therefore, we offer the following optional support:
  1. Developing/reviewing SCTA procedures (including screening tools)
  2. Providing additional ‘expert’ input and reviews
  3. Customisation of the tool – E.g. Integrating ‘preferred’ human failure and PIF classifications into the tool
  4. Additional support from our range of Human Factors services


If you have any questions about SAFETY CRITICAL TASKS, please don't hesitate to contact us.