Introduction to Human Factors


Student Instructor Ratio 12/1

Introductory course for Human Factors.

Human error is often observed as the leading cause of industrial accidents and incidents.  Often these result in large cost to the company and have the potential to endanger or harm life. Our Introduction to Human Factors (ITHF) course takes teachings from IHF’s experienced Human Factors consultants to educate your workforce of potential risk factors in human error. The aim is to help your workforce address the risks of human error and how they occur, in order to put in place suitable preventative measures.  At IHF we have experience in many high-risk industries and so we can tailor case studies and teachings to your industry creating a highly relatable and engaging day of training.
IHF’s trainers are experienced Human Factors practitioners with military and/or aviation backgrounds. With strong a understanding of aviation based Crew Rsource Management they are able to question and engage with delegates in order to help them question and identify potential areas of risk within your company and help guide them towards solutions for these problems. Small groups of 6-12 delegates allows our trainers to create highly interactive sessions containing relevant case studies and teachings for your workforce.