IHF’s Cyber Security Awareness Training


The 45 minute course covers the main types of security breaches that organisations face and focusses on how human error and flaws in computer security lead to breaches.

You will learn how these breaches could happen and how to take simple steps to make it harder for cyber-criminals to gain access. Other topics include how malicious software can get into a system and how to prevent it from happening. It focusses concentrates on emails, passwords, accessing websites, using social media and uploading data from external devices.

You will also learn about resilience and continued vigilance aimed at spotting security weaknesses before a breach occurs and how to report it. We will also discuss insights into how organisations handle breaches should they happen.

IHF’s Cyber Security Awareness Training has been designed for anyone who uses electronic computers and or e-devices. It includes straightforward practical advice and steps that will enable users to protect their devices, networks, programmes and data from unauthorised access.



  • Understand how security breaches can occur and learn best cyber security practices
  • Know what to do to prevent cyber attacks
  • Know how to identify security weaknesses and strengthen them