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Identifying Human Failure


Module One
Human Factors view of accident causation.

  1. Investigating active failures and latent conditions
  2. Discuss how humans can cause or contribute to accidents
  3. After an accident involving human failure the what should the investigation try to understand
  4. How to prevent similar accidents in the future

Module Two
Understanding human failure.

  1. Investigating human error and violations together with slips, lapses and mistakes
  2. Discussing why do mistakes occur? and factors which contribute to people making mistakes
  3. How we can reduce mistakes
  4. What are typical violations
  5. What are typical causes of violations

Module Three
Safety Critical Task Analysis.

  1. What is a Safety Critical Task?
  2. What is Safety Critical Task Analysis?
  3. Safety Critical Task Analysis: Screening, prioritizing, tasks analysis and human error analysis
  4. Performance influencing factors
  5. Evaluating performance influencing factors

Identifying Human Failure is a three-module course highlighting a human factors view of accident causation.

When we understand the human factor, we can understand misconceptions about the mistakes and failures we make and how to avoid them.

Each module contains learning interactions and an end of course quiz.

This course is accredited with a certificate on successful completion.

IHF is an award-winning Human Factors company, chartered by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF), with a focus on Human Systems Integration, Training and Incident Investigation. IHF certify this Identifying Human Failure course and on successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate.
Certification is valid for three years.