Human Dynamics Training


Student Instructor Ratio 12/1

Human Element, Leadership & Management (HELM) training is mandatory training in resource management, team working, leadership and managerial skills, specific for the maritime industry.

Our Human Dynamics Training (HDT) is based on years of experience in the Aviation sector. We will teach your people awareness and practical skills to help with the following critical factors:
  • Reducing human error
  • Increasing human reliability
  • Harnessing the collective power of a team
We are delighted to share this experience and expertise across a wide and diverse array of sectors including Aviation, Oil & Gas, Medical, and Financial through our HDT sessions.
We offer highly interactive and rewarding sessions that clearly demonstrate the potential of a unified team. Typical group sizes range from 6-12 delegates (per instructor) from any part of your business.
Throughout the session our highly experienced trainers will support and facilitate discussions around issues pertinent to your organisation. A key advantage of HDT is that it targets individuals at all levels of an organisation, allowing for fruitful discussion and a stronger understanding of issues at each level of the business. The discussions and activities on the day allow the course to be customised in real time to address the concerns of the participants and their organisation.