Cognitive Finance

Success in Financial Services is all about managing risk. Failure to accurately assess and mitigate risk will impact severely on your organisation’s profitability – the ultimate performance measure in Financial Services. Critical to achieving success is the performance of people within that organisation and integrating Human Factors as part of organisational risk management has been integral to aviation and other high-risk sectors such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Healthcare for many years. Since 2007 and the Global Financial Crisis it has been attracting interest in Financial Services in the form of Cognitive Finance™. 
Cognitive Finance™ focuses on improving efficiency, productivity and therefore individual and team performance, with the goal of minimising errors and improving your profitability. Cognitive Finance™ examines the inter-relationships between three aspects of work:

  • Individuals (skills, competence, knowledge)
  • Task at hand (tools/equipment, workload, processes) 
  • Workplace (environment, culture, leadership)
IHF recently worked with with a leading wealth management firm to identify contributory non-technical factors leading to human error and recommended ways to address them. Key touch points within a number of internal processes were examined and refined using Human Error Analysis (HEA), Business Critical Task Analysis (BCTA) and Semi-Structured interviews. The recommendations made by IHF were implemented by the firm, with the result being a reduction in error and therefore a measurable increase in organisational performance and profitability.


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