Human Factors Awareness


Have you ever done something at work or in your personal life that hasn’t turned out quite as expected and left yourself wondering ‘How on earth did that happen?'

It might be something that you’ve done hundreds of times before but that one time it didn’t quite work out as planned.

If so out Human Factors Awareness course can help answer that question and help you prevent it happening again.

Understanding human factors will give you new perspective on the world; showing you how we can do things more efficiently and most importantly, safely.

Our Human Factors Awareness Course contains eight sections, complete with video and compelling interactive tasks.

The interactions throughout the course will discombobulate and amaze and will help to underpin what it's like to be human.

When we understand the Human factor, we can understand misconceptions about the mistakes we make and how to avoid them.


Human Factors


One Hour

Experience Level


Learning Objectives

  • Recall the components of the SHELL Model
  • Identify 5 Human Factors
  • Recognise how these Human Factors can influence performance
  • Acknowledge the importance of central liveware
  • Identify 3 components of Software
  • Identify 3 components of Hardware
  • Identify 3 components of Environment
  • Identify 3 examples of Liveware to Liveware interaction