Business Resilience

Human Factors is the heart of Business Resilience
In an ever-changing world, a SUCCESSFUL business means a RESILIENT & ADAPTABLE business.

We can help make you & your business resilient

Knowing where to start can be daunting, realising you need to adapt can fill you full of fear & stress. Eliminate the fear & stress by using IHF Business Resilience Team & Methods- call it a Business Resilience Defib service if you like.

Employees working remotely/from home tend to take more ownership of their role in the success of the company, we will help you harness the power of your employees to make your business RESILIENT. This is the Human Factor of Business Resilience.

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    Why use IHF’s 48 hour Defib service?

    • You have a good business & now need to adapt?
    • Maybe you need guidance to change your mindset?
    • Need help to put your plan/strategy into action?
    • We show you ways to mobilise your team to work together effectively to adapt your business, making it strong & successful in changing times.

    Resilience: adapting to adversity

    Business Resilience has traditionally focused on efforts before disruption strikes: planning, analysis, dry-running ... all carried out when businesses are operating, and the stress is low.

    But what do you do when disruption strikes and the one you have does not reflect upon what is actually happening?

    No amount of planning can cater for every eventuality.

    “Everyone’s got a plan until you get punched in the nose” Mohammed Ali

    48 hours

    In the midst of disruption, when emotions are high, its sometimes difficult to think clearly and rationalize what is going on, especially when there are emerging risks all around.

    If these are the issues you’re facing then IHF Business Defib package is tailor made for you.

    IHF will help you to formulate a plan & harness the power of your people in just 48 hours

    Business Defib

    48 hours is not long, and to get you moving fast, you will have a dedicated team for this period.

    Using a framework analysis, we can quickly understand what is going on, and use this as a basis to engage with your team to identify options and make recommendations.

    Our goal, at the end of 48 hours, is:

    1. to deliver a new strategy and implementation plan
    2. ensure that everything is in place to make it work
    3. help manage emerging risks.


    With a team consisting of fighter-Pilot performance coaches, business strategists, change managers and IHF’s leading human factors psychologists and ergonomists, we’ve got all your bases covered.
    We know you’ll have tough decisions ahead, and starting the journey can be daunting and hard work, so we’re here to help ….

    Key Features

    Quickly get you back to doing what you do best

    Team of experts dedicated to you

    Action plan to move forward

    Advice and guidance on difficult subjects

    5-point IHF Process


    Framework analysis to pinpoint key areas of disruption


    Ensure you and your team are effectively and efficiently engaged


    Modify or develop a new strategy to make sure you capitalise on opportunities


    Help structure difficult decisions so you can move forward


    Unlock your teams’ potential by ensuring your setup for continual improvement