IHF’s e-learning courses provide a reliable vehicle to introduce human factors awareness across your organisation’s workforce.

The courses promote learning through the translation of existing research into simple and easily understood online modules.

Our modules comply with industry standards, and are geared towards addressing the human factors issues at the heart of operational safety. 

Interactive challenges throughout the modules offer a dynamic and user-centric approach to learning the intricacies of human factors.

Clear outcomes and feedback are provided on completion of each task, highlighting the elements which have contributed to human error.




"This was a really useful introduction to the key concepts of human factors. It was quick to complete, thoroughly enjoyable and has really opened my eyes to how important human factors are. I am now looking forward to doing more training with IHF."

Offshore Worker, UK North Sea


"This course is an absolute must as the first step to successfully integrating human factors within an organisation. Its ability to engage, enthuse and get everyone on the same page has been a really worthwhile exercise for my department and a necessary step as we progress on our human factors journey and reap the rewards that this brings."

Onshore Manager, UK North Sea


"We used this course as a precursor to IHF's classroom training with great success. Highly recommended for individuals or organisations alike looking to embrace human factors"

NHS Doctor